How to Get Birds Off Your Roof

Birds sing beautiful music and look pleasantly relaxing. But, when they begin rallying on top of your home on the roof, they pose considerable risks that could cost you thousands of dollars in fees, not to mention massive headaches and hassles as you repair the roof. You can use the tips below to keep birds off of your roof and hopefully, avoid the need to call roofing contractors Pittsburgh PA for repair service.

First trapping is a technique that you can use to help get birds off of the roof. This is a technique that you must learn if you want to do things correctly, however. All that you need is bird food and a few additional items to use this technique. Be sure to conduct proper research before attempting the trapping method.

Second, decoys can be used to trap birds. This is a much simpler technique than trapping but do keep in mind you’ll need to go onto the roof to place the decoys. Owls and hawk decoys are some of the best decoys to use on the roof and/or the chimney.  There is little doubt that birds won’t come near your home if they spy these decoys in place.

Destroying the bird nest is also a technique that homeowners use to keep birds away from their property. You should look to see if you can find a nest if you notice that birds seem to stay near your property a large percentage of the time. Removing the nest will also remove the birds near the house.

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Birds are quiet the nuisance when they are destroying your roof and otherwise causing problems. If you want to take the proper steps to keep birds away from your property, put the techniques above to good use. You can easily conquer that task when these are your chosen techniques of removal.