Various Types of Concrete

There are several types of concrete available to provide various structures that you may need or use around the home or at your business. When you reach out to concrete contractors in San Antonio TX for services, they’ll use one of the various types of concrete for your project. Most people are never aware of the type of concrete being used.

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Normal Strength Concrete

Normal strength concrete is made with a mixture of ingredients, including water and cement. The strength varies from 10 MPa to 40 MPa. This concrete sets in as little as 30 minutes but can take as long as 90 minutes in certain weather conditions.

Plain Concrete

Plain concrete is another type of concrete used in various construction projects.  There is no reinforcement in plain concrete. It is made with the same materials as normal strength concrete but is much denser. Plain concrete is usually used to construct buildings and pavements.

Reinforced Concrete

Reinforced concrete is reinforced so it is much stronger than plain concrete. It is oftentimes used to create bars and rods, but can be used to make many other materials.

Prestressed Concrete

Prestressed concrete is used for many large projects. The technique uses the tendons or bars that are stressed before the application. The tensioned bars are held together at each end of the structure.

Lightweight Concrete

Concrete with a 1920 kg or less density is known as lightweight concrete. This type of concrete is most commonly used in various design projects. It is also used to protect steel structures and in the construction of decks.

This is only a short listing of the many different types of concrete used in construction projects. Now that you are an informed consumer you have the knowledge to start your project with complete confidence.